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better a mile wide than an inch deep

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On happy tenterhooks
The Crow
My fellow Irish citizens and I voted yesterday in the referendum for marriage equality (and the referendum for reducing the minimum age of presidential candidates, but no one gives a toss about that). I'm trying to get some work done while refreshing the news sites and dancing around the house with glee. It's hard to concentrate.

Things are looking good for a yes vote, but there'll be no announcement until 5pm or so. Come on!

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It's a truly inspiring and beautiful thing the Irish have done...

I'm so proud to be Irish today. :)

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It was very exciting! Go Irish! :)

We are following Canada's good example. :)

Congrats! It's an amazing thing to achive!

Thank you! I think there's a feeling now in the country that we finally got something right in the human and civil rights field. It's progress.

Belated congrats to Ireland! You guys did it!!!!

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