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better a mile wide than an inch deep

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Jack Klugman
The Crow
Jack Klugman, actor and star of Quincy, died recently.

I didn't know that he used his fame to get some good stuff done on the quiet. I admire him all the more.

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I remember years ago, when Klugman told the story of when he had throat cancer and was on his deathbed. Tony Randall, on finding out he had gone downhill so rapidly, entered his hospital room and proceeded to crawl into the bed with Klugman. He grabbed Klugman's head and screamed into his face "You WILL NOT DIE" over and over until Klugman finally became so angry with him that he vowed he would rise from the hospital just to knock Randall on his ass. His health began to take a turn upwards. He worked to get his voiced back and the two men went on to do more work together.

Those two were not men who took "no" for an answer :)

Wonderful stuff. Thank you for taking the time to share this! *beams*

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